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Emergency Stains and Spills

Quick Spot Removal Tips!

Blot up any surface liquid, or in the case of a spill with solids, carefully remove as much of the solids. Use cold water/ club soda to dampen the whole spot area. With the cleaning cloth, (white terry cloth works best), apply pressure and blot up the liquid. Never rub the stain, or you could permanently damage the carpet or fabric.

Emergency Stains and Spills

There are some stains and spills that are impossible for you, the householder, to address. The professional has the knowledge, equipment and solutions necessary to remove most stubborn stains. We therefore recommend that in the event of such an emergency, the following procedure will minimize damage. Here the things that you should do:

  • Act immediately before the spills or stains spread too far or penetrate the fibre
  • Scrape up as much as possible with a spoon
  • Always work towards the centre of the spillage to avoid spreading
  • Blot up liquids with a clean cloth towel or paper towel
  • Use plain warm water to dampen and blot the spill without rubbing
  • Keep the spill/stain moist with a little water, and keep a damp cloth over the area until help arrives

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